We are seeking registrations of interest from owners of buildings whose construction was between approximately 2012-2016 with steel mesh (mainly under floors and in driveways).

Show your interest in bringing Steel Reinforcing Mesh manufacturers to account.

If there is sufficient interest from owners with viable claims, we will be seeking compensation from the manufacturers through a class action, that we expect to be fully funded.

Click Here to fill out the Registration of Interest Form. The form will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete*.

For further information on the proposed class action and its background please click here.

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*The information you provide will be used to assess the viability of your claim for the purposes of the proposed class action, and to notify you of important developments. We may contact you for further information. Should you own more than one building please complete the form for each building. All information you provide in the registration process will be treated as confidential. The Privacy Act 1993 applies to any personal information provided. If you choose to fill out and submit the registration form, you are not retaining Adina Thorn Lawyers to act on your behalf, and you are not bound to join the proposed class action.
Please note all submissions are protected using 128-bit encryption.